Netflixable? Argentine Bigamist uses “So Much Love to Give (Corazon Loco)” as his excuse

Fernando Ferro is a trauma doctor, so naturally he keeps a very busy schedule.

He works shifts at two hospitals, one in Mar del Plata, the other in Buenos Aires. That means he has to keep apartments in each place, as they’re some 264 miles apart.

And two phones? And two cars, which he exchanges at a midpoint, each trip north or south? The clothes he changes into as he does?

Fernando (Adrián Suar) also has two wives, two families. Why? Because with them, “I feel complete.”

“Paula,” an EMT nurse (Gabriela Toscano) living in Buenos Aires with their two teen daughters, “means everything to me.”

“Vera,” a surgeon (Soledad Villamil) living in Mar del Plata with their eight year old son, “means everything to me.”

Right now, I’m checking my notes to see if I have the right wife living in the right city. Imagine how much Fernando, “Fer,” has to keep straight to keep this charade up?

That’s the point for much of “So Much Love to Give,” an Argentine comedy co-written by co-star Suar. It’s a bigamy farce largely seen from his point of view, which is its primary failing.

Because this scenario doesn’t become interesting until he slips up, until the wives figure out each others’ existence, convince each other that they’re both victims, and plot their revenge.

Alas, that revenge is the secondary failing of this enervated comedy. The plot to trip Fernando up, trap him and exact vengeance is tepid, too.

Nothing is made of the little clues “Fer” can’t help but leave along the way — ending a call “besitos” (little kisses) with one wife just as the other walks up on him in the supermarket.

“Who was that?” (in Spanish, with English subtitles). “Gonzalo” (a colleague).

“Since when do you blow kisses at Gonzalo?”

He’s pulled this off by them being blind to all his “conferences” (anniversary vacations) in Cozumel, his need to keep the extra job “out of loyalty,” and by his never ever telling a soul that any of this is going on.

One character’s sister guesses the truth in a flash. Fellow doctor Gonzalo (Alan Sabbagh) pieces it together after an accident.

“Polygamy is much more widespread than you think,” is Fernando’s deadpan defense.

Suar, star of the more memorable “Me casé con un boludo (I Married a Dumbass)” comes off as charmless, Villamil as fiery and vengeful and Toscano as broken-hearted, with no character allowed much more than that.

The middle acts, discovering the infidelity, work better than the self-rationalizing and logistics-packed opening, or the tepid “revenge” of the finale.

“So Much Love to Give,” titled “Corazon Loco (Crazy Love)” in its original Spanish, needs a lot more laughs to give to be worth recommending.

MPAA Rating: TV-14

Cast: Soledad Villamil, Adrián Suar, Gabriela Toscano 

Credits: Directed by Marcos Carnevale, script by Adrián Suar, Marcos Carnevale. A Netflix release.

Running time: 1:48

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