Preview, “Glass” makes a trilogy out of what might have been stand-alone thrillers

So you’ve got Samuel L. returning as the title character, and Bruce Willis from “Unbreakable,” James McAvoy from “Split,” and Sarah Paulson and Anya-Taylor Joy and a “facility” to tie this one through-line in M. Night Shyamalan’s interesting but wildly uneven career up in a neat three-fer bow.

The back engineering to these things is always impressive, thought “Split” was already grafted onto “Unbreakable.”

It’s all about creating “universes,” letting films mimic long-form cable TV shows, making connections that inspire deeper fan devotion and engagement. It’s smart business, though I find that the movies that are coming out of this Hollywood MBA fad a tape loop grind.

Universal wanted to do this with its classic horror title remakes, but that was never going to work.

With “Glass,” we are intrigued, even if we remember “Last Airbender” and “The Visit” and “The Happening” and “Lady in the Water” and…

Fangirls and fanboys and M. Night’s Knights should let “Glass” own a slow January (Jan. 18 is the release date.). That much seems certain.

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