Box Office: “Thor” hammers in another $54 million, “Orient Express” impresses with $28, “Daddy’s Home Two” $27

boxoffice3“Thor: Ragnarok” has revived 2017’s box office fortunes, pretty much single hammer-handedly, hurtling over $200 million on its second weekend of release. Spending a little money on the Nordic blond has paid off, in spades– $54 million more, this weekend.

But for the non-comic book fans in filmdom, there’s good news, too. The old-fashioned whodunit (and remake) “Murder on the Orient Express” is opening to an impressive $27-28 million, based on late Thursday and all-day Friday results. As I noted in my review, it’s a holiday picture adults can take their older relatives to, and it’s gorgeous and just-enough fun to be a pleasant ride. Ken Branagh’s remake of Agatha Christie’s hoary old murder mystery teases to a sequel at its end. A bit cheeky, I thought. But by Jove, Branagh may get to make it after all.

He has a helluva lot of fun in the part., too.

The excruciating “Daddy’s Home Two” added John Lithgow and Mel Gibson as Daddies to the “Daddies” — funny how Mel’s crimes against public perception pale next to what’s erupting in Hollywood right now. And even though it just doesn’t have the laughs or life lessons (co-parenting in the Age of Divorce) or element of surprise the first film did, it’s a proven holiday brand. Over $27 million, with a chance to catch “Orient Express” by Sunday night.

Oddly, people (a few of them) are still showing up for the latest Madea Halloween movie, and the latest “Jigsaw” reboot.

But “Lady Bird” opened big, breaking box office per-screen average records, and “LBJ” is getting another week just outside of it.

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