“Logan” ready to slash the box office

logan1It could be a $75 million opening weekend for the final Wolverine X-Men movie. Which means, of course, it won’t be the “final” one after all.

But in any event, all signs are pointing to a huge, fitting finish to Hugh Jackman’s sideburned slasher. Box Office Mojo is saying $74 million. Box Office Guru is pitching $68, which is sand-bagging it a bit. Not seen any figures from last night’s pre-opening showings, but the fanboys and fangirls were sure to turn out.

Great reviews won’t hurt. 

The unpreviewed faith-based drama “The Shack” was the best job onetime Terminator Sam Worthington could land. And it could open well, a $10-12 million take predicted by Mojo. That seems high. The Guru’s conservative $9 million opening seems more like it. “Shack” doesn’t have the victimhood/hate non-believers pull of “God’s Not Dead” and its ilk.

Teen death romance? “Before I Fall” got decent reviews and should do better than its predicted sub-$5 million opening. But we’ll see.

“Get Out” should have another big weekend, but that’s the thing. Will it? It’s smart. It’s social satire. And it’s horror. Will it clear another $20 million with all that audience reveling in Wolverine ultra-violence? We’ll see.

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