Box Office: “Gravity” fails to fall to Earth, “Carrie” opens OK, “Phillips” sinks…a bit


Alfonso Cuaron’s “Gravity” is doing gangbuster’s business on this, its third weekend. Another $28-30 million. It is hanging onto audience share and rolling towards $200 million, with no end in sight. $350, maybe?

“Carrie,” despite botched marketing (Screen Gems didn’t build buzz on it, did one telekinetic stunt viral ad that didn’t do much and then refused to preview it before deadline to most critics), is managing what horror movies typically manage — an $18 million opening. The good ones, the ones with buzz, do $25+.  This is just “meh,” not a flop by any means. It’s not that bad, but not very good, either. A missed opportunity by Screen Gems.

“Captain Phillips” is riding good reviews into the Tom Hanks record books. It’s his biggest hit in ages, and while it’s no threat to “Gravity,” it’ll do $100 million when all is said and done. Another $17 million or so this weekend, a 40% drop from its opening weekend. Not too shabby.

Indifferent reviews killed “The Fifth Estate.” Confusing? A little. But there was genuine Oscar buzz for Benedict Cumberbatch, the Brit of the moment, early on. And that is gone with the wind. Maybe the whole Edward Snowden thing, the Bradley Manning transgender hooplah, has soured us on the idea that knee-jerk exposing of government secrets doesn’t make us safer and has a malice about it that, on first blush, isn’t evident. Assange gets lumped in with other sociopaths and the movie can’t make up its mind whether he’s crazy, naive or sociopathic.  It may do as little as $2 million this weekend.

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  1. keith7198 says:

    You nailed it. Gravity stayed at #1. I really thought that Capt. Phillips would knock it down but not so. That said, I went and watched Gravity again so that says something.

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