Critical Consensus: Decent reviews for “Fast & Furious” and “Epic,” “Hangover” nuked


Notices for “Fast &Furious 6” are some of the better reviews the “Fast & Furious” franchise — a decent score on Metacritic and the RT Tomatometer. The reviews say the same thing, more or less, that I did — dumb fun. Really dumb, I thought. But fun. Cool cars, too.

I saw it a while back, and the reaction of the audience told me this beast will do $100 million or more. It caters to/panders to its audience as well as any comic book or horror or “Sex and the City” movie. People want the gang to act like family, for everybody to have his cool scenes, and they want to see cars driven way too fast. It delivers.

I was never a big fan of “The Hangover” franchise, but the shocking laughs were hard to fight off. This third one basically becomes a Ken Jeong driven heist picture. With John Goodman as the heavy. People die. Several of them. The laughs are few and far between. Everybody seemed distracted. Todd Phillips is auditioning for action directing jobs.  Good luck with that. Poor to middling reviews for “Hangover Part 3.”

And “Epic” was coasting along on a 100% tomatometer rating for a few days, there. None of the reviews were raves. And eventually, as other critics among us took that “Meh” reaction to a pretty good-looking but dull animated kids’ actioner, things settled down to the “Whatever, OK: range. Not bad, not great.

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